Microsoft Power BI

Key features of Power BI

Connection to multiple data sources

With built-in connectors, Power BI can be connected to hundreds of data sources from Microsoft, Salesforce and other vendors. The data can be on-premise or on cloud.

Familiarity and Simplicity

Power BI’s deep integration with other Microsoft products such as Dynamics 365, Excel, Office 365 including SharePoint, Microsoft Flows and Power Point, makes it easy to use and shortens the learning curve.

Natural Language Interface

Power BI Q&A integrated with Cortana allows users to ask questions about their data using natural language and get their answers in the form of reports or visuals created automatically. So, a non-technical user does not have to learn complex query languages.

Custom Visualizations

Developers can easily add custom visuals into Power BI and visualize dashboards and reports in their own way.

APIs for integrations

Developers can embed Power BI content into a web app or other software products using Power APIs.

High Value

Users can get a taste of Power BI by starting free with Power BI Desktop and as data storage, analysis and reporting needs grow over time, organizations can purchase the capacity that’s needed – by licensing users individually or going for Power BI Premium.